Neuroscience Part 1: What Was Old is New Again

    FKA celebrated its 50th anniversary this past year. Paul Friesen started the company in 1966 and, along with Joe Harless and Bob Mager, was part of ushering in a formalized approach to training in the business world. In his book, “Designing instruction: A systematic or “systems” approach using programmed instruction as a model” published in 1971, Paul documented FKA’s Systematic Learning Process.


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    Do you Need ISD (Instructional Systems Design) to Support Informal Learning?

    A previous post, Coached Informal Learning discussed the 70:20:10 model of learning and development which suggests that 90% of learning is achieved through informal learning and only 10% is achieved through formal learning. Effective L&D organizations use an instructional system design (ISD) methodology to ensure the formal learning developed and delivered aligns with the performance needs of the organization. (more…)

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