How to Engage Learners

How to engage learners

Do you need to improve the effectiveness of your instructor’s ability to transfer skill and knowledge in the physical, virtual, or on-the-job learning environments?  Does the delivery of your training programs lack engagement and motivation? Do your learners get tired of the same presentation or application methods?

If the answer is yes, here are 10 simple and effective ways to improve learner engagement without having to redesign your total program:


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How Can I Improve Dull and Boring Training?

boring training is caused by weak instructor skills, which leads to reduced learning

One of the more common requests we receive is from clients asking for help with an existing course they describe as dull and boring training. When I look back at the history of these scenarios there is a pattern of the courses being technical training.  The training is teaching how to use a software application or how to follow a standard operating procedure (SOP).


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Analyzing Data


Recently Scott Weersing of GP Strategies asked the questions “Should we add data science to competency/skills needed now?”  in a post he made on LinkedIn.   The post referenced a Harvard Business Review article “The Democratization of Data Science”.

The post and string of comments prompted this post which describes the data analysis workflow that is introduced in FKA’s Training Needs Analysis (TNA) workshop. It outlines a basic data analysis workflow that learning and development professionals should have the capability to use.


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