Live from Atlanta

FKA presented a session on Instructional Techniques for On-the-Job Training at the Training 2018 Conference and Expo

We are writing to you live from the Training 2018 Game Changer Conference and Expo, February 12-14 from Atlanta, Georgia. This is TRAINING Magazine’s 41st Annual Conference and FKA, as an industry leader in workplace learning and performance, has been a proud presenter at this event for over 25 years.


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Working with Subject Matter Experts: A Blessing or A Curse?

Subject Matter Expert image

Way back in 2005, one of our senior instructors presented a session at the annual Training Magazine Conference, with the same title as this blog. It’s still a valid concern in 2018! There are many projects when instructional designers can’t do their jobs without the valuable help of subject matter experts (SMEs)! They can help with many steps along the way:


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Instructional Design – an Art or a Science?

elements of Instructional Design

This morning two colleagues and I finished presenting a six-session online program for instructional designers. Participants had a range of design experience from beginners to four or five years. As we were wrapping up, one of the new designers commented that the biggest surprise for him was that instructional design is actually more of an art form than a science! He thought we would be able to provide procedures and formulae that he would follow making the process foolproof.


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Teachers or Learning Experiences that made a Difference

With all the hurricanes, wildfires and political uncertainties we have been experiencing I thought we could all benefit by reflecting on teachers who made a difference in our lives and then remembering that what we do is important!

Three colleagues on the FKA team wanted to share their memorable learning experiences:


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