Conducting Successful Focus Groups

Michael Nolan1

Abstract: Focus groups are widely accepted as a critical data-gathering method that produces key results at a reasonable cost. The method is particularly important when the goal is to gather perceptions, opinions, suggestions, attitudes or feelings about a specific topic. Focus groups are also used to get insight into why these beliefs or feelings are held.

The three keys to planning and conducting successful focus groups are: 1) selecting the right participants, 2) preparing effective questions, and 3) establishing ground rules that support and encourage participation.


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Running Effective Meetings: Getting Started (Part 2)

In the first blog in this series , Running Effective Meetings: Getting Started (Part 1) we identified the first phase, Getting Started, and the first 4 Key Actions that should take place, prior to the meeting:

    1. Define the purpose and desired outcome.
    2. Determine if a group meeting is necessary.
    3. Identify who should attend. Define when and where
    4. Communicate the purpose and desired outcomes to all participants.


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Focus on Performance

Performance Improvement

The Learning and Development (L&D) profession continues to undergo major structural changes, one of which is to the transition away from a focus on learning as the output and toward a focus on performance improvement.


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Diary of a Road Warrior: A Week in the Life of Presenting at Conferences

What a terrific week of Learning and Development. I traveled from the East to West Coast and back to deliver four amazing sessions at TRAINING 2017 in San Diego, California and HRPA’s 2017 Annual Conference and Trade show in Toronto, Ontario. Here is brief play-by-play, that I know most Road Warriors have experienced, along with some Best Practices for Success, and a couple of recommendations to a few great dining establishments.


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