Scoping a Learning Solution – Art or Science?

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Scoping a learning solution…is it an art or is there some science involved? After 50+ years of scoping a wide range of learning solutions, FKA can say, “Yes.” There is an ‘art’, or at least a skill, to scoping a solution but we have developed a structured approach that provides a scientific framework to the process.


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Conducting Successful Focus Groups

Michael Nolan1

Abstract: Focus groups are widely accepted as a critical data-gathering method that produces key results at a reasonable cost. The method is particularly important when the goal is to gather perceptions, opinions, suggestions, attitudes or feelings about a specific topic. Focus groups are also used to get insight into why these beliefs or feelings are held.

The three keys to planning and conducting successful focus groups are: 1) selecting the right participants, 2) preparing effective questions, and 3) establishing ground rules that support and encourage participation.


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Running Effective Meetings: Getting Started (Part 2)

In the first blog in this series , Running Effective Meetings: Getting Started (Part 1) we identified the first phase, Getting Started, and the first 4 Key Actions that should take place, prior to the meeting:

    1. Define the purpose and desired outcome.
    2. Determine if a group meeting is necessary.
    3. Identify who should attend. Define when and where
    4. Communicate the purpose and desired outcomes to all participants.


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