CTT+ Virtual Classroom Trainer Program

CTT+ Virtual Classroom Trainer Program

If you’re an experienced facilitator who isn’t already  certified as a CompTIA CTT+ Classroom Trainer, this program will prepare you to take the  CTT+ Virtual Classroom Trainer certification exam and prepare a recording for submission.

NOTE: Participation in this program requires the use of VOIP communications. A computer headset is highly recommended for best audio quality. We also recommend a hardwired internet connection rather than wifi.

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CTT+ Virtual Classroom Trainer requirements

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Please contact FKA to have us deliver a customized or off-the-shelf program at your location or online, or take advantage of our One-on-One Coached Learning Services. Coached Learning is available on any topic area covered in our programs. Call us at 1-800-FKA-5585.

We have moved our face-to-face programs to an online format due to physical distancing constraints. We will resume our classroom facilitation when it is possible to do so safely.

Online - Adobe Connect - Starts: December 14, 2020 - click to see Live Session Schedule

Who Should Attend the CTT+ Classroom Virtual Trainer Program?

  • Experienced classroom instructors who have completed FKA’s Instructional Techniques and/or Advanced Facilitation Skills for Trainers workshops
  • Experienced online instructors who have completed FKA’s Instructional Techniques for the Virtual Classroom or Presenting Over the Web programs
  • Instructors with extensive hands-on experience in learner-centered instruction and familiarity with the core fundamentals for excellent instruction

Upon successful completion of this online program you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the CompTIA CTT+ objectives in your recorded online lesson
  • Answer a variety of multiple-choice questions similar to those on the CompTIA CTT+ Essentials TK0-201 computer-based exam

you will have prepared:

  • A “best effort” performance recording to submit for CompTIA CTT+ TK0-203 Virtual Classroom performance-based exam
  • The necessary documentation/paperwork for the CompTIA CTT+ TK0-203 Virtual Classroom performance-based exam
  • Receive Complimentary Post-Learning Sustainment.
  • Capabilities of the Virtual Classroom
  • Requirements for CompTIA CTT+ Virtual Classroom Trainer Certification
  • Review of the Fundamentals
  • Lesson Objectives
  • Systematic Learning Process
  • Motivation
  • Information Transfer
  • Testing for Understanding
  • Questioning Techniques
  • Study of the CompTIA CTT+ Objectives
  • Practice with FKA’s CTT+ Essentials Exam Simulator
  • Recordings of Individual Certification Lessons and Feedback (up to 3 recordings per person)
  • The Submission Process

This program is made up of:

  • Pre-course assignments
  • 10 live facilitated online sessions (2 to 2.5-hours long)
  • Assignments between the online sessions

Click on the following link to view copies of the CompTIA CTT+ Overview, Essentials Exam, Performance Exam booklets and Submission forms:

Make sure you select the Virtual Classroom Trainer Performance Exam booklet and submission forms.

10 Live Sessions – $3299.00 – plus applicable taxes

*Please note the cost of FKA’s CTT+ programs does not include the exam vouchers. CTT+ Essentials TKO-210 and TKO-202 are purchased directly through CompTIA.