Instructional Techniques for Teleconferencing Program

Instructional Techniques for Teleconferencing
Program Overview

This Instructional Techniques for Teleconferencing program introduces how to deliver workplace learning and instruction by phone or conference call. You will explore new techniques and skills for this delivery methodology.

Delivered in the form of a teleclass, the program models the methods presented in the program. Equivalent to a one-day program, the program includes two 2-hour teleclass sessions dedicated to the discussion of the content and one 2-hour session dedicated to practice presentations and feedback.

During the teleconferencing program each participant will deliver a 10-minute practice lesson and will receive feedback from the instructor and fellow learners. Participants will also do some preparation for the practice lesson outside of the teleclass. The course includes email and telephone access to the instructor.

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Who Should Attend the Instructional Techniques for Teleconferencing Program?

  • Managers, executives, supervisors, training professionals, team facilitators and leaders, business owners and board members who use conference calls for workplace learning and instruction purposes.
  • Individuals who need to conduct non-internet, high-impact distance training.
  • Professionals and consultants seeking a cost-effective way to promote their work and connect with clients.
  • Instructors and facilitators who wish to expand their delivery skills options.