Facilitation Skills: Running Effective
    Virtual Meetings

    Running Effective Virtual Meetings Program Overview

    FKA’s popular program, Facilitation Skills: Running Effective Meetings is now available online with a specific focus on facilitating virtual meetings. The program identifies key differences between the online and physical meeting environments and builds on concise organizational and leadership skills for better outcomes in your virtual meetings. To learn how to run effective meetings, please click here.

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    No Public programs scheduled at this time. Please contact FKA to have us deliver a customized or Off-the-shelf program at your location or online, or take advantage of our One-on-One Coached Learning Services. Coached Learning is available on any topic area covered in our programs. Call us at 1-800-FKA-5585.

    “Excellent course. Receiving feedback from the FKA facilitator and fellow participants gave me self-confidence. The assignments provided an opportunity to reflect on course material. The feel and practice of a real virtual situation was important to me.”

    Rosemary Ngombe
    United Nationals Framework Convention on Climate Change

    Who Should Attend the Running Effective Virtual Meetings Program?

    • Individuals who need to communicate with others through effective virtual meetings including executives, managers, learning and development professionals, presenters, sales, marketing and account managers, team facilitators, team leaders, product and project managers, business owners and business unit managers.
    • Identify and establish a clear framework of core practices for managing a virtual meeting or group session
    • Describe the key elements when planning and starting a virtual meeting
    • Identify the key actions required to keep the virtual meeting participants involved, interested, and directed toward accomplishing the desired results
    • Identify effective remote listening and questioning techniques
    • Verbalize transitions and use language to connect in the virtual environment
    • Determine appropriate follow-through plans and conclude the virtual meeting
    • Identify the key actions to curb unproductive behavior and keep virtual meetings on target
    • Practice facilitating an effective virtual meeting
    • Review the key components of effective online facilitation.
    • Review online platform capabilities.
    • Discuss group organizational skills and group leadership skills.
    • Explore specific underlying philosophies of effective online facilitation.
    • Adapt your facilitation style to group development stages.
    • Examine activities to be completed before the virtual meeting or group session begins.
    • Build an effective agenda.
    • Start the meeting effectively.
    • Identify guidelines for creating virtual meeting ground rules.
    • Examine role assignment.
    • Discuss how to keep the virtual meeting moving.
    • Generate action steps and build conclusions.
    • Encourage constructive participation.
    • Handle disruptive behavior in an online environment.
    • Practice facilitating a virtual meeting or group session.

    FKA can further customize your on-site program with additional topics like:

    • Managing diverse points of view
    • Best practices for presenting your ideas effectively
    • The program will have 4-two hour sessions including a recorded 20-minute online practice by the participants with constructive feedback from your FKA facilitator.
    • $2099 – plus applicable taxes
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