Virtual Producer

Virtual Producer Program Overview

Behind every well-delivered learning session, presentation and meeting is a great technical producer. The role of the producer is to support the presenter/facilitator and transform the virtual event into a trouble-free and interactive session that keep audiences engaged and the presenter on track. The importance of a producer is often overlooked. Presenters rely on the producer to launch all media at the appropriate time; handle rapid task switching; and monitor the technical aspects of the virtual event, including launching polls and monitoring chats, which allows the presenter to focus on facilitating the content in an interactive and engaging format. The producer acts as a safety guard, separating successful live virtual sessions from sessions that could become chaotic, disorganized, non-engaging and hindered by technical challenges.

This program is ideal for the presenter/facilitator who wishes to take on both roles for the technical support personnel responsible for producing smooth and successful virtual communication and learning sessions in Adobe Connect, WebEx or Zoom.

NOTE: Participation in this program requires the use of VOIP communications. A computer headset is highly recommended for best audio quality. We also recommend a hardwired internet connection rather than wifi.

“This course was a huge help to me. It was an extremely collaborative and comfortable forum.”

Michelle Reinhold
Siemens Healthineers

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Public Program Schedule:

Please contact FKA to have us deliver a customized or off-the-shelf program at your location or online, or take advantage of our One-on-One Coached Learning Services. Coached Learning is available on any topic area covered in our programs. Call us at 1-800-FKA-5585.

We have moved our face-to-face programs to an online format due to physical distancing constraints. We will resume our classroom facilitation when it is possible to do so safely.

Online - Webex - Starts: July 14, 2020 - click to see Live Session Schedule
Online - Adobe Connect - Starts: July 28, 2020 - click to see Live Session Schedule

Who Should Attend the Virtual Producer Program?

  • Instructors; facilitators; presenters; mangers; supervisors; and subject matter experts who deliver presentations; facilitate meetings; and deliver learning programs in the virtual environment
  • Technical producers responsible for providing technical support and assist in the delivery and facilitation of interactive virtual sessions and meetings
  • This program is facilitated by an FKA certified instructor with subject matter expertise producing virtual engagements.
  • FKA will model best practices and provide each participant with the opportunity to practice the techniques in a “safe” environment.
  • Learn and practice using the web platform(s) you will be producing virtual events with.
  • Return to work ready to start producing virtual sessions.
  • Take home comprehensive participant materials packed with job aids and reference materials that will help you succeed in your virtual producer role.

Upon successful completion of this program, you will be able to:

  • Identify the role and responsibilities of the Producer.
  • Manage a wide variety of session leaders, including facilitators; instructors; presenters; business executives; sales and customer service representatives and subject matter experts.
  • Demonstrate how to create, produce and support virtual events using the capabilities of the web platform(s).
  • Identify trouble-shooting strategies.
  • Produce in a virtual platform.
  • Record a session
  • Demonstrate Chat and Status Icons
  • Create an Adobe Room:
    • Create Adobe Layouts
    • Open Attendee Pod
    • Create Chat Pods
    • Create Note Pods
  • Demonstrate “Preparation Mode”
  • Create Polls
  • Demonstrate Share Pods
    • My Screen: Desktop or Application
    • Share Document: PPT, Video and PDFs
    • Share Whiteboard
  • Other Pods:
    • Video (Webcam)
    • Files
    • Web Links
  • Create Breakout Rooms: bring content back
  • Discuss trouble-shooting strategies and scenarios for Adobe Connect
  • Best Practice discussion and Wrap-up.
  • Record a session
  • Demonstrate WebEx Tools:
    • Annotation
    • Chat
    • Status Icons
  • Create a WebEx Session
  • Demonstrate sharing “My Session Window”
  • Creating Polling Questions
  • Inside WebEx
  • WebEx Poll Editor
  • Demonstrate Sharing:
    • My Desktop
    • File
    • Application
    • Whiteboard
    • Web Browser
    • Multimedia
  • Create Breakout Rooms: bring content back
  • Q&A
  • Discuss trouble-shooting strategies and scenarios for WebEx
  • Best Practice discussion and Wrap-up
  • Introductions
  • Record a session
  • Demonstrate Chat, Reactions and Status Icons
  • Create a Zoom Meeting
    • Schedule a session
    • Personal Meeting
    • Security
  • Create Polls
  • Request Support
    • Desktop Control
    • Application Control
    • Computer Restart
  • Share Screen
    • Desktop
    • Application
    • Whiteboard
    • iPhone/iPad
  • Create Breakout Rooms: bring content back
  • Discuss trouble-shooting strategies and scenarios
  • Best Practice discussion and wrap-up
  • $799 plus applicable taxes per platform session