FKA Client Testimonials and Reviews

Virtual training in our team has blossomed thanks to the techniques and best practices from your training.
Nadime Azizi
Siemens Healthineers
Great, really enjoyed it. It was a real pleasure to be here!
Nick Breeze
Rockwell Automation
5 Stars! This was the best course I have taken in years! It matched the actual business need that I have!
Brad Antle
It was wonderful! Provided vital information that is critical to my current job function.
Tamara Sanders
Excellent - I have a minor in Training, and I think I learned more in these 3 days!
Sara Hovey
Blue Cross/Blue Shield
Excellent! Would recommend to new and experienced trainers. It provides the process and tools for providing excellent training.
Maureen Lamb
Empowered PC Inc.
Truly a subject-matter-expert in instructional design. Expertise was well evident.
Sylvana Catalano
Fabulous. Best workshop I've ever attended.
Heather Blough
US Dept. of Commerce, NOAA Fisheries
By far the best instructor I've ever had the pleasure of learning from. Well Done!
Mike Creasey
Charon Systems
I learned more than I expected and I had high expectations!
Jennifer Yelton
Transamerica Life Insurance Co.
I love the level of participation, audience interaction, and breakouts into groups was great.
Stephanie Shank
High level, thorough and really effective.
Dave Furman
Restaurant Management Corp.
Provided what I needed as a manager of training, organizational change and trainer, designer, implementer. Fantastico!
Luis Chavez
University of California
Excellent! The binder is awesome - this will be my bible from now on.
Kathy Wagner
Restaurant Management Corp.
It was a pleasure to work with someone so knowledgeable.
Mark Silver
Rogers Communications
Good mixture of tools and user-friendly, real-world processes!
Mike Gokey
Verizon Wireless
Great! Passionate, knowledgeable and ensures understanding.
Verna Holis Smith
Bermuda Government
Excellent! Thanks for taking time to relate concepts to our concerns.
Charles McSweeny
Loved it. He is a great instructor who shares his experience through content experience and real application.
Lyle Black
Utah National Guards
Excellent! So much great information, so many ways to apply this for an immediate positive impact.
Meagan Moody
IKON Office Solutions
Great workshop filled with ideas and good examples of what to do and what to avoid in design.
Joyce Kokoska
Defence Contract Audit Institute
Impressive simply by making what seems to be extremely complex into a manageable, flexible system!
David Power
Canon USA
It was time well spent - concepts I can and will use immediately!
Sheila Wogomon
Hallmark Cards Inc.
This is my first FKA course and I hope it's not my last!
Charles Kennedy
Canadian Food Inspection Agency
Outstanding. Everyone in my training dept has nothing but great things to say. I concur and feel better equiped to do my job and promote learning for others.
Mark Taylor
Truly enjoyed having him as an instructor again. His focus on the learner is absolutely impeccable.
Bridget Musick
Verizon Wireless
Excellent - relevant to my job, specific applications I can use. Professional, well prepared instructor.
Steve Bollinger
Detroit Edison
Mary Hopkins
Great course with tools, tips & practical experience to build confidence & abilities.
Peggy Merriam
Webcor Builders
Well planned and prepared, exciting and fun - 110% impressed!
Kim Done
Universal American Mortgage Co.
Looking forward to using him as a resource.
Kirsten Brinker
General Motors
The course makes you discover a lot of ah-ha's that I didn't see coming!
Matt Ogawa
Gap Inc.
I was very pleased and thoroughly enjoyed my experience!
Harry Langhans
Metafore Inc.
WOW, just found out it comes with 1 year of support from FKA, Thanks.
Mark Campbell
Pfizer Pharmaceuticals
Excellent! He's a superb presenter and knows the material. I will definitely use what I've learned!!
Jackie Reeves
Medimmune Vaccines
Excellent! He represents FKA with integrity and pride.
Don Ebuen
Wellpoint Health Network
Excellent! Instructor, course content, flow, all of it excellent.
Conrad Bennett
Atomic Energy of Canada
Top notch, extremely effective.
Michael Di Renzo
Prophix Software
LOVED IT!! Can use a lot of what I learned.
Raza Aziz
The best course I've ever taken!
David Manning
Rogers Wireless
Excellent, well done, great content, very knowledgeable instructor.
Scott Marsch
Unitech Systems
Exactly what I needed. I feel inspired and eager to take what I've learned back to the office.
Michelle Takeuchi
I went in expecting just a presentation style. I got a lot more. Excellent job.
Christopher Comeau
Charles River Labratories
Excellent workshop, I learned a lot! I'm excited to start applying what I've learned.
Peggy Minton
Huntington National Bank
Excellent - comprehensive for custom one-day fundamental training program.
Mark Dobronolsky
Prudential Financial
I wanted to take a few moments to thank you for this amazing course. We are now prepared and, more importantly, empowered to face the challenges. Our FKA facilitator not only relayed the information and tactics, but made it easy to understand and exciting to learn. We were so disappointed that the class was over, that we took 30 minutes to leave. I look forward to taking several more of your classes.
Christine Larabie
I was very impressed with the professionalism of the instructor - there was no time wasted, we were exposed to lots of meaningful information.
Ingrid John-Baptiste
Excellent facilitator, very experienced, enjoyable to listen to. Extremely credible
Anders Stjarve
I took a Friesen, Kaye and Associates presentation skills and public speaking course through my employer a few years ago, and to this day, the skills and knowledge Michael Nolan taught me still help me in my day to day business activities. Michael and his team are professional, thoughtful and take the time to ensure that you understand what you are learning, with examples. They gave me a guide book which I consult with often and is still very applicable.
Chris Mustakas
Ottawa Senators Hockey Club
I was able to take away so many great techniques to take back to improve my learners experiences.
Nicole Ohmann
Verizon Wireless
Tres bonne! Flexibilite et а l'ecoute des apprenants.
Sandra Guay
Excellent - directly linked to the needs of a Training Manager.
Susan Knowles
Dynamic presenter, excellent mannerism. Super at holding attention. Great classroom manager, especially with a group of trainers!
Todd Springfield
Bosch Security Systems
Excellent!! Lots of templates to use. Lots of good ideas to apply and suggestions!!
Heidi Super
Saks Fifth Avenue
I’m very impressed – again. I really appreciate the way FKA workshops are designed to illustrate / highlight / demonstrate the subject.
Aileen Chiasson
Canada Student Loans Program
The workshop leader was an absolute delight! Excellent in every aspect; tone, body language, clearness, content, etc. Quite an inspiration!
Carmen Ianiri
Trillium College
Seemed daunting at first, but with humor and encouragement the instructor motivated us on to great success. It sure felt great to reach our objectives and produce our prestige videos.
Luisa Franco
Canadian Coast Guard
I enjoyed it, but more importantly, found it digestible and stimulating.
Randy Galluzzi
It was very organized & so incredibly helpful - built so much confidence!
Joanna Clingman
NY and Company
I flew from Florida for the 3-days of training. It was worth the trip. Well structured and organized. I never felt bored.
Maile Valentine
Adobe Systems
Excellent - 1st workshop that I have been to that appeals more to my learning style and challenges me to use the others.
Heather Leaman
Very useful and clear - I feel I'm walking away with more from this time than a similar one from another vendor.
Donna Martin
Service Delivery Canada
I was a sponge! It was very helpful and I will be able to apply immediately for my new project.
Ranya Timenden
Longs Drugs
It is a powerful tool for instructors. I loved it! It brought out the best it me.
Michael Impriano
Canon Business Solutions
FKA provided one of the most complete training experiences that I have had in a long time, from pre material to the material /information during the program, to post information.
Kim McIver
Air Canada Jazz
Outstanding! Thanks FKA for providing me with the tools for instructional design.
Jeffrey Norway
US Air Force
The interaction amongst the group, the activities and exercises were awesome!
Anne Psimaras
Empire Financial
Extremely worth while. Wish I had taken this years ago.
Gary Allen
Parks Canada
It was a pleasure to work with someone so knowledgeable.
Gilbert Pregent
Canada Revenue Agency
Fit what we needed to do!
Gary Andrew
US Army Corps of Engineers
Met all specific goals as advertised.
Rondalyn Kane
Booz Allen Hamilton
Excellent!! Great content! Adapted to company culture!
Jennifer Seiler
Excellent. Came in with a negative attitude, left with a very positive attitude.
Dennis Johnson
Roche Pharmaceuticals
Carmela Kerr
Humber River Regional Hospital
Very impressed with the individual attention for each learner. Excellent feedback.
Todd Springfield
Excellent all around. Even breakfast was included!
Steve Halipchuk
John Deere
Great, I want more!
Guy LeBel
Pratt & Whitney
Informative and fun!
Michael Porter
US Coast Guard
Absolutely fantastic!! I can't thank you enough for the help and guidance.
Andrea Binnington
Unisen Inc.
Fantastic - well organized, visually appealing, interactive. Lots of VIVE!
Sue Delunay
Canadian Council on Health Services Accreditation
I would definitely recommend this course. I can use all of the info on my job.
Stephanie Peityszyn
Bayer University
He is a great facilitator. Practices what he preaches!
Jennifer Tinkler
Very helpful. I'm excited to bring back all the I learned and use the new tools.
Erika Reichard
Cendant Mobility
Wonderful learning experience: relevant & valuable information - excellent facilitator & materials - excellent surroundings & facilities.
Shelly Rastin
London Life Insurance Co.
Two thumbs UP!
Bob Lim
Ontario Power Generation
Great balance of theory to facilitation. Great facilitator!
Errol Corpuz
Amazing! Professional! Very hands on! Engaging!
Melanie Ellerton
Excellent content!! Will definitely improve my classes.
Carol Linden
This workshop was one of the 1st in 30 years that I will actually use. Very, very helpful!
Bill Fiorello
Philips Medical Systems