Needs Identification Programs

    Needs Identification is key for developing effective workplace learning and performance improvement solutions. Needs identification involves front-end needs assessment and analysis to ensure that the learning and non-learning solutions identified align with the business and performance needs. Effective management of all stages of the initiative maximizes expectations and the ROI for the organization.


    You will practice the concepts and skills through an engaging case study that simulates a performance consulting intervention from beginning to end.

    Needs Analysis

    This program provides a structured process for identifying and prioritizing organizational learning needs.

    Scoping and Planning

    You will apply a structured process to scope and plan the development of learning initiatives to determine course length, resources required, and development effort.

    Managing the
    Learning Organization

    You will examine common characteristics for managing the learning organization and build a best practices portfolio that will ensure measurable results.

    High Performance

    This highly interactive program provides a coaching framework to continuously nurture and improve workplace learning and performance.

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