Coaching High Performance Program

    Coaching High Performance Program Overview

    The learning event is over; people are returning to their jobs and their performance will improve – right? Not necessarily! Performance will only improve if the new skills and knowledge are supported back on-the-job. Managers, supervisors, and peers need a coaching framework that continuously nurtures improved individual performance.

    Coaching High Performance is a highly interactive program will give you the coaching skills and strategies you need to achieve better results and reach your organizational performance goals.

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    No Public programs scheduled at this time. Please contact FKA to have us deliver a customized or Off-the-shelf program at your location or online, or take advantage of our One-on-One Coached Learning Services. Coached Learning is available on any topic area covered in our programs. Call us at 1-800-FKA-5585.

    Who Should Attend the Coaching High Performance Program?

    • Managers, directors, supervisors, or team leaders who want to improve employee performance.
    • Senior learning and development staff and performance consultants responsible for assisting management with performance and productivity improvements.
    • Use effective coaching to leverage formal learning and improve ROI for your organization.
    • Develop coaching strategies to continuously improve day-to-day operations.
    • Practice your new coaching skills in a series of realistic situations.
    • Get expert individual feedback as you build your coaching skills.
    • Return to work ready to immediately apply your new coaching skills and strategies to help employees improve their job performance.
    • Take home a comprehensive manual packed with jobs aids and reference materials that will help you address future performance issues.
    • Receive Complimentary Post-Learning Sustainment.
    • Identify the benefits, characteristics and methods of coaching.
    • Explain the roles and nature of coaching.
    • Identify your current abilities as a coach.
    • Describe why and how people learn.
    • Create a coaching plan.
    • Use a coaching process to increase learning transfer and performance.
    • Create rapport with individuals being coached.
    • Listen for understanding.
    • Use effective questions in a coaching situation.
    • Generate awareness and responsibility in individuals being coached.
    • Provide reinforcing and constructive feedback to individuals being coached.
    • Achieve agreement.
    • Identify guidelines for effective distance coaching.
    • Identify problem-solving approaches and related techniques to help individuals being coached overcome obstacles.
    • Facilitate coaching meetings. 
    • Overview
      • The Context of Coaching
      • Coaching, Counseling, Mentoring and Tutoring Defined
      • Attitudes, Skills and Behaviors of Effective Coaches
      • The Coaching High Performance Model
    • Coaching Principles and Practices
      • Benefits of Coaching
      • How the Coaching Process Works
      • The Manager as Coach
      • Characteristics of the Adult Learner
      • Learning Styles
      • Performance Coaching
      • Coaching in Action
      • Learning Transfer
      • High Performance Training and Coaching Strategies
    • Coaching Skills
      • Observing and Creating Rapport
      • Listening for Understanding
      • Questioning
      • Providing Feedback
      • Reaching Agreement
    • Distance Coaching
      • Using Technology with Distance Coaching
      • Guidelines for Effective Distance Coaching
    • Problem-Solving
      • Models
      • Tools
      • Techniques
    • Coaching model
    • Coaching and learning styles inventories
    • 90+ strategies to improve learning transfer
    • Guidelines and best practices to support the five coaching skills
    • Coaching, learning, and communication checklists
    • Problem-solving strategies, techniques, and tools
    • Action plan templates
    • Seven simulation exercises to immediately practice what you just learned.
    • Two days – $1,499 – plus applicable taxes
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