Performance Consulting in the Virtual Environment Program

Performance Consulting in the Virtual Environment Program Overview

Performance Consulting is a strategic process to measure, improve, and sustain organizational results. The way we carry out this process continues to change, as we work remotely with our business partners to optimize workplace performance. What does not change, whether you work virtually or in-person, is the need to provide innovative solutions to support operational excellence.

In this interactive, dynamic, virtually facilitated program, you will practice key concepts used by successful performance consultants. By looking holistically at the performance needs of your business partners, you will be able to identify and address which issues may or may not be solved by learning initiatives alone.   

You will apply the new skills and knowledge to an engaging case study that simulates a consulting intervention from beginning to end.

NOTE: Participation in this program requires the use of VOIP communications. A computer headset is highly recommended for best audio quality. We also recommend a hardwired internet connection rather than wifi.

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Public Program Schedule:

Please contact FKA to have us deliver a customized or off-the-shelf program at your location or online, or take advantage of our One-on-One Coached Learning Services. Coached Learning is available on any topic area covered in our programs. Call us at 1-800-FKA-5585.

We have moved our face-to-face programs to an online format due to physical distancing constraints. We will resume our classroom facilitation when it is possible to do so safely.

Online - Adobe Connect - Starts: November 23, 2020 - click to see Live Session Schedule

Who Should Attend the Performance Consulting in the Virtual Environment Program?

  • Individuals who have people-focused functions in organizations, including learning and development (L&D), human resources (HR), organizational development (OD), talent management, performance management, and need to partner virtually and/or face-to-face with clients to support business initiatives.
  • L&D and HR professionals who need to create collaborative business relationships with senior executives and business unit managers, working virtually, to improve performance and organizational effectiveness.
  • Individuals who work in support functions including IT and finance, who strive to achieve results through influence and collaborative practices.
  • Performance consultants who must work virtually to analyse performance and develop multi-faceted solutions in support of business and organizational goals.
  • Managers and professionals whose learning organizations are evolving from learning to performance improvement, and who have responsibility for linking business needs to workplace learning and performance.
  • Operations and business unit managers who need to enhance business results through the performance of people.
  1. Discuss strategies for creating collaborative relationship with your business partners in the virtual environment.
  2. Identify ways to successfully engage your client remotely and handle their potential resistance effectively.
  3. Apply new skills and knowledge to a realistic case study that reinforces a strategic performance consulting process.
  4. Build a set of best practices through peer-discussions and exercises that utilize engaging and collaborative capabilities of the virtual environment.
  5. Adapt key performance consulting practices between live-online sessions.
  6. Receive a comprehensive online participant manual packed with job aids, checklists, decision tables, guidelines, and reference materials to help address future business and performance needs.
  7. Receive Complimentary Post-Learning Sustainment.
  1. Examine a successful Performance Consulting Process.
  2. Establish and maintain a collaborative partnership with clients in the virtual environment.
  3. Engage the client actively during the virtual session.
  4. Handle potential client resistance that might arise during the virtual sessions.
  5. Improve virtual communication with your client.
  6. Validate deliverables and decisions.
  7. Identify Business and Performance Needs.
  8. Select effective data collection methods and tools to collect critical performance data.
  9. Assess the performance problem.
  10. Diagnose the causes of the performance discrepancy.
  11. Propose solution strategies.
  12. Apply the techniques, tools and practices associated with performance consulting in the virtual environment.

Pre-Program Assignment

Live Session 1

  • Introductions, Objectives, ExpectationsPlatform Capabilities
  • What is Performance Consulting
  • The Work Environment
  • Core Competencies of Consultants
  • Performance Improvement Levels
  • Performance Factors
  • Learning Consultant vs. Performance Consultant
  • Steps in the Performance Consulting Process
  • Identifying the Client
  • Consulting Roles
  • Debrief Pre-Work:
    • Consulting Styles Inventory
  • A-1: Building Client Partnerships
  • A-2 Effective Listening Self Evaluation

Live Session 2

  • Hierarchy of Needs
  • Performance Consulting Process
  • Needs Questions
  • Managing Client Resistance
    • Objections versus Resistance
  • Remote Active Listening Skills
  • Initial Client Meeting
    • Exploratory Questions
    • Business and Performance Questions
  • Set up for Case Study Exercise 1: Engaging the Client
  • A-3 Prep for Engaging the Client Case Study

Live Session 3

  • Case Study Exercise 1: Engaging the Client
  • Model of Performance
  • Data Collection Overview:
    • Methods
    • Considerations
    • Levels of Data
  • Selecting Appropriate Data Collection Methods
  • Setup for Case Study Exercise 2: Data Collection
  • A-4 Data Collection Info and Guidelines
  • A-5 Prep for Data Collection Case Study Exercise 2

Live Session 4

  • Case Study Exercise 2: Data Collection
  • Contracting:
    • Types
    • Contract Issues
    • Ground Rules for Contracting
    • Gaining Commitment and Support
    • Saying ‘No’
  • Creating Rapport in the Virtual Environment
  • Setup for Case Study Exercise 3: Performance Problems and Causes.
  • A-6 Prep for Performance Problems and Causes; Clarifying Questions Case Study Exercise 3

Live Session 5

  • Is there a Gap?
  • Possible Causes
  • Questions to Clarify
  • Case Study Exercise 3: Possible Causes
  • Pressing for Solutions
  • Client Engagement Lens
  • A-7 Recommending Performance Solutions

Live Session 6

  • Proposing Solutions
  • Case Study: Recommending Performance Solutions
  • Assessing the Feedback Meeting
  • Implementing and Managing the Performance Intervention:
    • Implementation Planning
    • Monitoring Interventions
    • Guidelines for Successful Closure
    • Assessing the Results
  • Transfer of Learning
  • Wrap-up
    • Expectations Revisited
    • What’s Next?
  • Consultant Self-Assessment Checklist
  • Core Competencies of Consultants
  • Consulting Model
  • Performance Factors
  • Performance Consulting Process
  • Data Collection Guidelines
  • Exploratory Questions
  • Population Factors
  • Contracting Guidelines and Checklist
  • Questions to Clarify Probable Cause
  • Creating Rapport in the Virtual Environment Checklist
  • Effective Listening Self-Evaluation
  • Dos and Don’ts of Feedback
  • Guidelines for Preparing for the Feedback Meeting
  • Consultant’s Worksheet
  • Implementation Planning Worksheet
  • Progress Review Worksheet
  • Responsibility Rating Worksheet
  • Action Plan
  • Performance Consultant’s Survival Guidelines
  • Learners will practice the performance consulting process through a series of activities based on a sustained case study
  • Online $2099 – plus applicable taxes – 6 live sessions