Affiliation with GHS Enterprise

Friesen, Kaye and Associates is pleased to announce our affiliation with GHS Enterprise

FKA has partnered with GHS Enterprise to augment our Performance Consulting and Strategy Development and Deployment capability. GHS Enterprise’s proprietary Learning Lane provides the road map for developing a learning strategy that relates learning to all other phases of an organizations human resource management strategy. GHS Enterprise has the experience and expertise to engage with c-level management and promote their active participation and support for developing a learning strategy.


The Learning Lane is at center stage.

A business insight imperative is to capture what learning is going on and where it is happening in your organization through the eyes of an employee. For an organization to prosper it must enable its Leaders to grasp the potential in: exploiting existing practices, enhancing existing learning moments, and envisioning/creating new learning opportunities.

GHS Enterprise is equipped to:

Create a fully functional Learning Lane that can be hyper linked to go behind each practice with one click and have access to all the potential learning an employee could experience or any subset service below:


  • Customized pathway reflective of the Organization’s desired culture
  • Unique templates that capture the information deemed critical


  • Methodologies for collecting information that engage and create advocates of the Lane
  • Project plan that ensures ownership of the Learning Lane by the Organization
  • A variety of applications on how the Learning Lane can be used which maximizes the build investment
  • Work with the organization’s IT group to automate and provide access to the desired level


  • Assemble all the practices along the predetermined pathway
  • Beta test the preferred application
  • Support the implementation and sustainment plan