FKA Consulting Services

Friesen, Kaye and Associates (FKA) Consulting Services has designed and developed over 2,300 of hard and soft skills programs which have covered varying subject areas and course formats, including: on-the-job, self-paced, instructor-led, self-directed, multimedia, and e-Learning. FKA has worked and continues to work with a wide variety of organizations, including all sectors both public and private—across the globe—helping them to design and develop programs uniquely tailored to achieve higher levels of performance and competence.

At the core of FKA’s Consulting Services is our patented Instructional Systems Design (ISD) Methodology.  This robust instructional design methodology guides the processes of needs identification, analysis, design, development, implementation, evaluation, and validation and can be applied to all types of learning initiatives (classroom, self-directed, e-learning, blended, hybrid, synchronous, and asynchronous).  FKA has continually developed, refined, and applied this methodology to thousands of clients for more than 50 years.

Needs Identification Services

An FKA Learning Consultant will work with your organization to develop strategic plans that will be a roadmap guiding your organization into the future and tactical plans for achieving cost effect solutions for immediate learning needs.

Learning and performance interventions lead to successful on-the-job performance when based on complete and accurate analysis of the required skills and knowledge. We analyze the causes and identify performance, learning and non-learning interventions tailored to meet the needs of your organization.

Let FKA help your organization determine if e-learning is an effective way for you to transfer skill and knowledge. FKA will examine the feasibility of e-learning; develop a plan; and coach you through the development, implementation, and adoption of e-learning throughout the organization.

Let FKA pave your way to success by developing your organization’s learning strategy that will align learning initiatives with your business goals and measure the return on your investment. The key to addressing these priorities is the development of a Learning Strategy ‘Road Map’ that provides the direction and framework which links learning effectiveness and efficiency to the business needs through improved human performance.

In affiliation with GHS Enterprise, FKA continues to augment its Performance Consulting and Strategy Development and Deployment capability with the Learning Lane. The Learning Lane provides a road map for developing a learning strategy that relates learning to all other Talent strategies. For more details on the Learning Lane, click GHS Enterprise.

Designing and Development Services

FKA has been designing and developing learning programs for over 50 years. In that period we have developed hundreds of programs covering content ranging from manufacturing cheese slices to operating equipment in space. Whether you need traditional classroom, e-Learning or a blended learning solution FKA has the expertise to develop it for you.

We are specialists in the design, development, and implementation of highly effective learner-centered training and performance initiatives. FKA can conduct the necessary tests and pilot programs to validate at every step of the process, ensuring your initiatives are linked to your strategic business goals.

Our instructional systems design methodology provides the foundation for the development of a complete range of blended learning solutions. Complement the existing traditional classroom environment with e-Learning to maximize performance and results.

Moving to an e-learning or blended learning format? Let FKA repurpose all or part of your traditional training to e-learning and benefit from our proven approach that ensures high quality instructional design.

Delivery and Facilitation Services

Senior FKA resources can work directly with your team to provide coaching and constructive feedback on any aspect of your design, development, or delivery approach.

Can’t attend an FKA program and need to enhance your skills? FKA offers one-on-one coaching on any of the topic areas covered in our programs and Learning and Consulting Services. Coaching is available in-person, online or by phone. FKA’s Coached Learning approach to transferring skill and knowledge is an effective alternative for providing you with the tools and techniques required to excel in your profession.

FKA will observe your instructors or presenters delivering or presenting in-person or online. We will provide feedback to help them communicate with impact and incorporate effective techniques to keep their audience engaged.

Evaluation and Validation Services

The implementation of a formal measurement and evaluation program requires special expertise. Whether it is to demonstrate the value of the learning program or to provide a formal certification of the learning outcome FKA can provide that expertise.

Ongoing evaluation is required to ensure that learning programs remain relevant to business needs, organizational strategies, job performance, and results. We can help with evaluation of course content, instructional methodologies, reliability and validity of tests, and effectiveness of exercises and delivery.

Receive feedback from the experts! FKA will review your curriculum—designed for any delivery mode—to ensure it adheres to a systematic learning process; promotes learning and achieves its instructional intent. FKA will provide written and oral feedback upon completion of our review.