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For over 55 years, Friesen, Kaye and Associates (FKA) has been a trusted partner to organizations across a broad range of industry sectors. We feel privileged to be a part of our clients’ success by developing and facilitating high impact learning solutions that help our clients achieve measurable and positive business results.

Our clients are uniquely positioned to leverage our expertise by allowing FKA to:

 Upskill and Develop Your Internal Resources:

We can enhance the capabilities of your internal resources. Individuals can attend public programs or FKA can deliver customized dedicated on-line or on-site programs to meet the organization’s specific needs.

Design and Develop Your Learning and Performance Initiatives

Working collaboratively, FKA can also supplement your capacity with a full spectrum of Consulting Services (ranging from needs identification through to evaluation), a patented Systematic Learning Process and a proven Instructional Systems Design (ISD) Methodology backed by decades of hands-on experience and thousands of real-time projects, is the cornerstone of these comprehensive services.

If your organization is looking for effective learning and performance solutions that align with your business goals, let us partner with you to develop and implement the appropriate learning strategies that will improve performance and attract and retain the talent needed for your organization’s success.

We encourage you to explore our site and learn more about our Programs and our Consulting Services.5

Planning and managing are key competencies for developing effective workplace learning and performance improvement solutions. Planning involves front-end needs assessment and analysis to ensure that the learning and non-learning solutions identified align with the business and performance needs. Effective management of all stages of the initiative maximizes expectations and the ROI for the organization.

Learning professionals design and develop blended learning components which may encompass self-directed learning as well as facilitated learning in the traditional classroom, in the virtual classroom and in the on-the-job environment. The key considerations in choosing the best way to design, develop and deliver the content for each component are determined by the required learning outcomes and desired performance.

Delivery or facilitation of learning can take place in the physical and virtual classrooms and in the job environment. Instructors and facilitators know how to keep learners engaged and they motivate reluctant learners by using a variety of instructional methods, media and examples relevant to the group. Excellent delivery also includes the skills to present ideas in a clear, concise and dynamic matter, and to facilitate effective group process.

The overall purpose of evaluation is to determine if the learning initiative was effective. It includes assessing if the learners achieved the intended course objectives and if they transferred the learning back to the work environment to achieve the required performance and results. Assessing whether learning has occurred can be done formally or informally throughout the program, at the end of the course and back on the job.

FKA’s Consulting Services has designed and developed over 2,300 hard and soft skills programs which have covered varying subject areas and course formats, including: on-the-job, self-paced, instructor-led, self-directed, multimedia and e-Learning. FKA has worked and continues to work with a wide variety of organizations, including all sectors both public and private—across the globe—helping them to design and develop programs uniquely tailored to achieve higher levels of performance and competence.

At the core of our Consulting Services is our patented Instructional Systems Design (ISD) Methodology.  This robust instructional design methodology guides the processes of needs identification, analysis, design, development, implementation, evaluation and validation and can be applied to all types of learning initiatives (classroom, self-directed, e-learning, blended, hybrid, synchronous, and asynchronous).  FKA has continually developed, refined, and applied this methodology to thousands of clients for more than 50 years.