Do Organizations really need a Learning Strategy?

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Many Organizations are stretched so thin. Time is at a premium and we often hear comments such as:

“We are just trying to get the training done that is being asked for”.

Why a Learning Strategy?

In the context of today’s continuous changing business realities, the investment in new skills is also required to grow and transform the organization.  It is challenging to predict exactly what skills will be needed in the future.  The solution is to build a workforce that is flexible, adaptable and able to shift with changes by embracing learning as one of the core vehicle to accomplish this.

Developing a Learning Strategy is the first step in this journey.  The purpose of any strategy is to ensure the learning and training investments are linked to business outcomes identified as the organization’s business priorities. In other words, specific business results should be expected from your investments in learning and training.

Learning strategies should answer two primary questions:

What is going to be done and Why?

A strategy assesses the Organization’s business environment and documents the vision and expected business outcomes. The strategy model is broken into four parts.

Four steps of an effective Learning Strategy - Friesen, Kaye and Associates

Would developing a Learning Strategy be time well spent?

A rhetorical question, yes! To succeed an organization needs to be proactive not reactive. The Learning Strategy provides recommendations to support both the development and deployment of new learning initiatives.  The recommendations found in this article provide direction and focus to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to impact performance and also deliver the expected business results. The strategy embraces a talent management plan that ensures future needs will be met.

If you are interested in more information about developing a learning strategy check out FKA’s blog on the “Learning Strategy Road Map”.

Greg Smith
Guest Contributor
GHS Enterprise