Live from Atlanta

FKA presented a session on Instructional Techniques for On-the-Job Training at the Training 2018 Conference and Expo

We are writing to you live from the Training 2018 Game Changer Conference and Expo, February 12-14 from Atlanta, Georgia. This is TRAINING Magazine’s 41st Annual Conference and FKA, as an industry leader in workplace learning and performance, has been a proud presenter at this event for over 25 years.

This year has been no exception. Company President, Michael Nolan, presented two engaging sessions: The Only Learning Map You Will Ever Need: Mapping Learning for Employee Engagement; and Instructional Techniques for On-the-Job Training.

Both sessions were well attended as they resonated with learning professionals and executives from a wide spectrum of industries. One of the conference themes was “Game Changer” and this was defined by Lorri Freifield, Editor-in-Chief of Training Magazine, as an event, idea or procedure that effects a significant shift in the current manner of doing or thinking about something. Training, or what is commonly referred to as Learning and Development, certainly is a game changer.

Training Matters” was another conference theme that helped conference participants identify and use the right tools to solve their organizational challenges. FKA’s two sessions supported this theme, by helping attendees figure out which tools fit the bill for each situation—and each of their learners. Both sessions were supported with rich and effective job aids and checklists that were added to the conference attendees’ learning toolkits.

Tuesday’s session, Instructional Techniques for On-the-Job Training, described the difference and value-add of Structured On-the-Job Training versus Unstructured OJT. Conference attendees reviewed the qualities of an effective OJT Trainer then assessed themselves through a diagnosis of 18 core competencies of OJT Trainer Excellence. Adding to their individual toolkits, the participants validated their own OJT programs by integrating the principles of adult learning and identifying ways to effectively apply the Systematic Learning Process. Several group activities throughout the session reinforced the importance of “higher-level” processing questions and identified an effective demonstration process to ensure learning had taken place.

Wednesday’s session, The Only Learning Map You Will Ever Need: Mapping Learning for Employee Engagement, defined the moments when learning may occur in an employee’s career. Attendees reviewed the 70/20/10 Model of Learning, specifically reviewing the experiential and social types of informal learning. The “Learning Lane” was introduced as a process map that captures 18 potential opportunities for learning from an employee’s perspective. It provides a framework that captures all learning within an organization. Conference attendees of this session identified “people-practices” within their organization where some form of learning occurs. The Learning Lane helped participants to identify both existing learning moments and future desired learning moments. Participant discussion brought clarity to when and where learning occurs and transformed implicit learning to a series of captured explicit learning moments that can be used back in their work environment as a learning Blueprint.

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So long from Atlanta. We hope to see you at TRAINING 2019.

Geoff Nolan
Director of Marketing and Public Workshops