Scoping and Planning Learning Online Program

Scoping and Planning Learning Online Program Overview

Are you charged with determining how much effort and how long it will take to develop the new course? If you have been asked to determine a development budget and figure out the development work schedule, this scoping and planning learning program is essential for you.

Participate in a live-facilitated virtual program led by an instructor who is a subject matter expert in scoping and planning learning solutions and conducting cost-benefit analysis. This dynamic program includes four (4), 2-hour sessions; work-based project application; FKA feedback and coaching as required.

“Enjoyed every segment of the program. I am very impressed with the material and the facilitator. He Definitely is experienced in the subject matter and instruction as he did a great job engaging the audience and encouraging meaningful discussions.”

Adam Gladue

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No programs scheduled at this time. Please contact FKA to have us deliver a customized or off-the-shelf virtual program, or take advantage of our One-on-One Coached Learning Services. Coached Learning is available on any topic area covered in our programs. Call us at 1-800-FKA-5585.

We are moving our face-to-face programs to an online format due to physical distancing constraints. We will resume our classroom facilitation when it is possible to do so safely.

Who Should Attend the Scoping and Planning Learning Online Program?

  • Learning and HRD professionals who need to determine the development budget and assign work to the development team.​
  • Learning consultants who must estimate time and effort to develop multi-faceted solutions.​
  • Course developers who need to inform their managers on how long it is going to take them to complete the course development work.