Delivery and Facilitation Programs

Delivery or facilitation of learning can take place in the physical and virtual classrooms and in the job environment. Excellent instructors and facilitators know how to keep learners engaged. They motivate reluctant learners, use a variety of instructional methods, smoothly incorporate appropriate media and include examples relevant to the group. Excellent delivery also includes the skills to present ideas in a clear, concise and dynamic matter and to facilitate effective group process.

Instructional Techniques for the Virtual Classroom

A synchronous online program presenting a variety of engaging and interactive techniques that model best practices using any platform in the virtual environment.

Virtual Instructor

A synchronous online program presenting a variety of engaging and interactive techniques that model best practices using any platform in the virtual environment.

Virtual Producer

This program is ideal for the presenter/facilitator who wishes to take on both roles or for the technical support personnel responsible for producing virtual communication and learning sessions

Instructional Techniques Online

This program is facilitated online in six (6) 2 hour live facilitated sessions and is ideal for the traditional instructors responsible for transferring skill and knowledge in a classroom-based, face-to-face environment.

Instructional Techniques

This award-winning program is recognized as the finest Train-the-Trainer available and is the cornerstone for trainer excellence and certification in most industries.

Virtual Selling: Running Effective Sales Meetings

This program is a must to ensure you have the skills set to plan for, and facilitate professional, engaging, and successful virtual sales meetings.

Advanced Facilitation
Skills for Instructors

Highly competent and experienced facilitators wanting to take their skill set to the next level, will practice managing group dynamics using advanced facilitation techniques.

CTT+ Classroom and Virtual
Classroom Trainer Overview

Our programs give experienced or new trainers the skills they need in preparation for CompTIA’s CTT+ performance and written exam for the Classroom Trainer and Virtual Classroom Trainer certification.

Facilitation Skills: Running Effective Virtual Meetings

This program identifies key differences in facilitating virtual meetings and allows facilitation of an online meeting or virtual group session using your organization's web meeting software.

Presentation Skills for the Virtual Environment

Keep your remote audience engaged and motivated as you put into practice effective presentation techniques using your organization's web presentation software.

Facilitation Skills: Running Effective Meetings

Practice the process of effective facilitation that utilizes the knowledge, ability, and creativity of individuals within meetings and group sessions.

Presentation Skills

Identify and practice the fundamental skills you will need to make effective presentations on any topic to any size group.

Presentation Skills

Designed for experienced presenters, this program focuses on techniques that allow you to deliver dynamic, high-impact presentations in any situation.

Facilitating Effective Customer Meetings

Develop skills that lead to and support your ability to manage customer meetings and demos for maximum results.

Instructional Techniques for

Designed for trainers who are responsible for instructing one on one or in small group sessions in the work environment.

Instructional Techniques for Teleconferencing

This 6-session program uses teleconferencing technology to introduce and model how to deliver workplace learning and instruction by phone or conference call.