Design and Development Programs

Learning professionals design and develop blended learning components which may encompass self-directed learning as well as facilitated learning in the traditional classroom, in the virtual classroom, and in the on-the-job environment. They also design and develop learning components that could range from simple paper-based job aids to sophisticated immersive online tutorials. The key considerations in choosing the best way to design, develop, and deliver the content for each component are determined by the required learning outcomes and desired performance improvement.

Converting to the
Virtual Classroom

You will assess your present traditional classroom programs and determine what is required to transition them to engaging virtual programs.


A cornerstone program for anyone wanting a structured framework to design learner-centered programs that lead to performance improvement and business results.

Interactive e-Learning

This program helps you design and develop meaningful engaging and interactive e-Learning for both the self-directed and facilitated online environment.

Aid Design

This program provides a structured process required to design and develop seven different types of job aids based on your organization’s work environment.

That Teach

Make your programs more engaging as you learn how to design, develop, and facilitate games that support your learning initiatives.

Instructional Design

Simplify and speed up the instructional design process when making more complex analysis and design decisions.

Developing Instructor
Led Learning

Add more variety in your presentation and application methods when developing learning programs for the physical classroom environment.

Fundamentals of
Design and Delivery

Step through the process of designing a learner-centered lesson, then build your skills as an instructor by facilitating your designed lesson.

On-the-Job Training:
Design and Delivery

This customized session gives the hands-on experience required to design and deliver structured on-the-job training (OJT) programs and materials.

Adult Learning

This interactive program demonstrates how to maximize adult learning by using a variety of activities that keep learners engaged and motivated to learn.